Tuesday, June 29, 2004

my phone has been temporarily disconnected.

in the mean time,
you can call me

@ 801-344-5410

but i can't call you.

i'm back from vegas.
it's not what you think, i didn't spend all of my money on the slots, i just haven't found a job yet. . .
er, i did, but i start tomorrow so i won't be paid for weeks.

hook it up. send me money.

i have no phone now.
i figure if each of you gives me a dollar. . . .

you can buy some shit from me
CR Cafeshop

or, you know, not

Monday, June 14, 2004

I quit my job.
I'm driving to Vegas in an hour or so to see Mara & V+ who are getting there tonight as well.

My computer is down and the asshole from compu usa wouldn't let me run their disc utility discs at their store because "there are rules [he's] willing to bend, but not that one" . . . wtf asshat, the apple guy was the one who gave me the number of the store & said that's what i should do.
now i have to wait for mine to come from georgia and in the mean time i have no computer. . . and no music.

i'm goin to vegas.

Sunday, June 13, 2004

a long time ago my sister wrote something profound in my journal about an inspired Georgia man.
it was:

God is love
Love is blind
Ray Charles is blind
Ray Charles is God.

go buy an album if you don't believe me.

Saturday, June 12, 2004

You have a mysterious kiss. Your partner never
knows what you're going to come up with next;
this creates great excitement and arousal never
knowing what to expect. And it's sure to end
in a kiss as great as your mystery.

What kind of kiss are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

great, now the computer can tell me what kind of kisser i am.

Friday, June 11, 2004

The Korean has moved out.

and she left her butter.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

A Prequal to this post as seen on YTLS:

Roommate #1: Susan

Roommate #2: Jennifer
about a week ago the korean girl woke Susan by knocking at her window at 9:30 in the AM telling her she requested from the apartment complex office that she be switched to our apartment. . . (great, see where being nice to annoying, insane korean girls gets you? way to go, susan.)
she lived next door, but got in a screaming argument with her roommates because someone's 2-year-old accidentally locked the bathroom door closed. (insane)

It wasn't too bad the first couple of days except for the occasional strange joke i don't get at all (. . . if they were supposed to be jokes) "ahhh, my bum hurt!" really loud and whinny/decisively while i'm watching tv.
I started just ignoring her and acting like i couldn't hear her piercing voice over my music, or the tv. . . or i acted like i didn't know she was talking to me, and said "what?" a lot when it was becoming a problem.

a couple of days ago the korean girl put signs all over her door that said shit in korean and "you steal my stuff!" & "What I am missing: . . . " "You hate Koreans!" etc.
underlined words and capitol letters and everything. anger was very apparent.
the next day she called the police about her "stolen watch" that she can't describe & that is worth around "20 dollars" and told the officer that we were eating her food.
she eats shit that comes in containers i can't read. . . and it all smells bad.
i was asleep during the event, although i wish i could have been there for see how the cop reacted to her "burglary" call.

yesterday she stopped at my door and started pointing & screaming what i'm guessing were accusations and obscenities at me in korean. i followed her down the hall and asked her if there was some kind of problem and told her she should probably speak English because it's not communication at all otherwise and defeats the point in talking and it was hurting my ears.
Susan came out after hearing all of the korean yelling and they started yelling at each other and it was hilarious.

Here are a few of the things that were said:

S-what food exactly is missing?
J- -ma butter. i saw dem use!
S- you're what?
J- ma butter
Me- butter? did you just fucking say butter?
J- you take it, you take!
Me- It's BUTTER. . . no, it's fucking country crock spread.

J- You take! you take my watch i get for christmas!
Me- Who the hell wears a watch anymore?
S- The Lord knows i'm innocent!

J- I afraid of Shawn (kim, our other roommate's fiance)
S- why?
J- i afraid he will rape ha.
Me- He won't rape us! He's getting married in 2 weeks!
J.- No Ha, HA.
Me- a five year old sleeps in there with them. . . he's not going to rape his fiance. this is crazy.

J- You are racist!
S-no im not. i was engaged to a korean.
Me- don't blame the fact that you suck on your ethnicity. you're racist.

Anyway, i told her to move the fuck out as nicely as possible. Most of the time i was laughing and walking around the house doing other things. i wish i would have gotten my camera and taken a movie. there was yelling, yelling/screaming in Korean, crying, flailing limbs, and many MANY pointed fingers.

It's fucking butter.

i'm going to start eating her food. . . if i can stand to eat ramen, ricearoni, and weird korean food.

Monday, June 07, 2004

one time in my freshmen gym class
they set up volleyball nets inside.
i was in the back, right staring at the hot guy in the class next to ours
i thought i heard a few people yell my name
and to my surprise, the volleyball bounced off of my head.
it didn't just land next to me or hit my foot,
it fucking bounced off of my head.
luckily it didn't knock me over or anything too conspicuous.
i don't think anyone really knew what i was staring at. . .
because no one ever made fun of me for it. . .
you know, except when i told my best friend, we made fun of me.

anyway, in my google image search for "rob vanwinkle"
i came across this familiar face

Saturday, June 05, 2004

a few IMs from Bunny Mcintosh to start the day off right:

"i have to go have a nice emptying vomitfest
lets smoke a morning bowl together after i puke.
i'll call you.
we'll celebrate all there is to celebrate"

i love my sister.
ok, now it's 5:30.
i just talked to my main man.
being in love with someone far away sucks ass.

utah is still as beautiful and boring as ever.
i think i talked to a total of 5 people today in person,
including the clerk who sold me the bottle of wine i've been drinking.
i drove to salt lake city this evening to get the fuck out of provo for a while.
i stopped at a theater that plays indie films and got a magazine
that tells you where the music's at.

i'm supposed to call, "PABLO" who works there,
today to go camping with him & some of his friends. . .
we'll see how that turns out.
he gave me a really great compliment that made me smile & feel happy and proud and lovely. .
like people should always feel, so i think i might go.
not the kind of compliment that you get driving down I-75N
from the guy in the car next to you who looks
like John Kerry's little, uglier, brother
who's raising his eyebrows and winking too much &
who's holding a piece of paper that has
hastily written on the back something. . .
probably his child-support summons.
Allison & I, aformentioned "Foxes" got a picture
between his lewd gestures and poor attempts to flirt.

i was supposed to be at work 20 minutes ago.
it is 3:50AM.

i say, i fell asleep to the sound of the machinery rumbling in my brain
and that damn bell that goes off every 10 minutes,
DREAMT about being in that factory all day after i got off and
i WILL NOT do it again.

Friday, June 04, 2004

working in a factory is kind of like playing skip-it.
it's fun for a while and you sort of have a sense of accomplishment. . .
but after a whlie you just get dizzy from watching it go around
and around and around and around and around
and you get tired
and you trip over the line
and/or want to kick it the fuck off of your foot.

and besides, does anyone even actually read the newspaper?

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

i miss atlanta.

i wanna go home.
fuck this place.
i miss my family and
my friends and
lame indie kids and
old, fat strippers and
bars and

and i miss sloppy