Wednesday, June 09, 2004

A Prequal to this post as seen on YTLS:

Roommate #1: Susan

Roommate #2: Jennifer
about a week ago the korean girl woke Susan by knocking at her window at 9:30 in the AM telling her she requested from the apartment complex office that she be switched to our apartment. . . (great, see where being nice to annoying, insane korean girls gets you? way to go, susan.)
she lived next door, but got in a screaming argument with her roommates because someone's 2-year-old accidentally locked the bathroom door closed. (insane)

It wasn't too bad the first couple of days except for the occasional strange joke i don't get at all (. . . if they were supposed to be jokes) "ahhh, my bum hurt!" really loud and whinny/decisively while i'm watching tv.
I started just ignoring her and acting like i couldn't hear her piercing voice over my music, or the tv. . . or i acted like i didn't know she was talking to me, and said "what?" a lot when it was becoming a problem.

a couple of days ago the korean girl put signs all over her door that said shit in korean and "you steal my stuff!" & "What I am missing: . . . " "You hate Koreans!" etc.
underlined words and capitol letters and everything. anger was very apparent.
the next day she called the police about her "stolen watch" that she can't describe & that is worth around "20 dollars" and told the officer that we were eating her food.
she eats shit that comes in containers i can't read. . . and it all smells bad.
i was asleep during the event, although i wish i could have been there for see how the cop reacted to her "burglary" call.

yesterday she stopped at my door and started pointing & screaming what i'm guessing were accusations and obscenities at me in korean. i followed her down the hall and asked her if there was some kind of problem and told her she should probably speak English because it's not communication at all otherwise and defeats the point in talking and it was hurting my ears.
Susan came out after hearing all of the korean yelling and they started yelling at each other and it was hilarious.

Here are a few of the things that were said:

S-what food exactly is missing?
J- -ma butter. i saw dem use!
S- you're what?
J- ma butter
Me- butter? did you just fucking say butter?
J- you take it, you take!
Me- It's BUTTER. . . no, it's fucking country crock spread.

J- You take! you take my watch i get for christmas!
Me- Who the hell wears a watch anymore?
S- The Lord knows i'm innocent!

J- I afraid of Shawn (kim, our other roommate's fiance)
S- why?
J- i afraid he will rape ha.
Me- He won't rape us! He's getting married in 2 weeks!
J.- No Ha, HA.
Me- a five year old sleeps in there with them. . . he's not going to rape his fiance. this is crazy.

J- You are racist!
S-no im not. i was engaged to a korean.
Me- don't blame the fact that you suck on your ethnicity. you're racist.

Anyway, i told her to move the fuck out as nicely as possible. Most of the time i was laughing and walking around the house doing other things. i wish i would have gotten my camera and taken a movie. there was yelling, yelling/screaming in Korean, crying, flailing limbs, and many MANY pointed fingers.

It's fucking butter.

i'm going to start eating her food. . . if i can stand to eat ramen, ricearoni, and weird korean food.

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