Saturday, June 05, 2004

ok, now it's 5:30.
i just talked to my main man.
being in love with someone far away sucks ass.

utah is still as beautiful and boring as ever.
i think i talked to a total of 5 people today in person,
including the clerk who sold me the bottle of wine i've been drinking.
i drove to salt lake city this evening to get the fuck out of provo for a while.
i stopped at a theater that plays indie films and got a magazine
that tells you where the music's at.

i'm supposed to call, "PABLO" who works there,
today to go camping with him & some of his friends. . .
we'll see how that turns out.
he gave me a really great compliment that made me smile & feel happy and proud and lovely. .
like people should always feel, so i think i might go.
not the kind of compliment that you get driving down I-75N
from the guy in the car next to you who looks
like John Kerry's little, uglier, brother
who's raising his eyebrows and winking too much &
who's holding a piece of paper that has
hastily written on the back something. . .
probably his child-support summons.
Allison & I, aformentioned "Foxes" got a picture
between his lewd gestures and poor attempts to flirt.

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