Monday, March 13, 2006

On a MUCH smaller scale, like my amazingly lucky, lovely and spectacular sister, I also get to see free shows. . .

See Figures A and C Below depicting a Free G-Love concert that was fantastic by the way:

Figure A

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Figure B

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Figure C

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Compare Figures A, B, and C.

Please keep in mind this conversation was all shouted over very loud music to a girl, (and later, with slight variations, to a guy,) I didn't know.

Me: *Excessive, explosive laughter*
(Yelling over the music)
The bassist guy looks like Philip Seymour Hoffman!

Concert Girl: *Continued "jamming" to the music*
(Big THC Smile)
Who looks like what?!

Me: *continued laughter*
The bassist- he looks like Philip Seymore. . . Have you seen Happiness?

Concert Girl: Yeah, this show is happen'en

Me: *laughter dying down slightly*
N-no. . . Happiness! The movie; It's hilarious!
Punch Drunk Love?
Philip Seymour Hoffman!
Love Liza?!

Concert Girl: I love G-Love!

Me: *laughter gone*
Nonono. . . Liza. . . .

Concert Girl: Awesome! I'm Becca! Wanna hit this?

Me: . . . Ok

So Becca, or that other guy, if you are reading, this is what I was talking about