Thursday, May 15, 2008

Now that I'm an official Peddler,Photobucket I thought I'd change up my pitches a little.
Here are a few lines I've been practicing:

With APX Alarm,
to your home shan't a burglar cause harm!

Motion Detector, Glass Break Sensor,
with these items, no theif shall enter!




emily said...

if a security system isn't in your future, perhaps i could offer you this dusty arabian lamp or ONE RING TO RULE THEM ALL

Anonymous said...

Motion detection security- classier than standing on your porch in BVD's with a shot-gun.

Anonymous said...

Up your security- don't make your pad code FUCK like everyone elses.

bunny mcintosh said...

"Thwart the unwarranted attempts of vagrants, hobos, and immigrants who would STEAL YOUR WOMEN AND YOUR CHILDREN AS SOON AS THEY WOULD EACH PRECIOUS BELONGING! Purchase an APX Alarm, whose God-like eye will protect you and your kin from any unfortunate eventualities brought on by evil, cloven-footed miscreants and ne'er - do - wells! A bargain at twice the price!"

dehumidifier said...

Ha, both of those rhymes sound very Tobias Funke.