Monday, July 05, 2004

We hid in the bushes by the house in the back yard & peed in a cup.
We mixed in a banana & some sugar packets from the van in the driveway.

Mom: Kristen
Me: Yeah
Mom: Jennifer's mother just called. . .
she's throwing up. She told her mom you made her drink your pee.
Is that true?
Me: Not exactly.
Mom: Well, what exactly then?
Me: It was supposed to be for John-Paul

(an older boy who lived down the street)

but he wouldn't drink it,

(i'm guessing it was because a 6 year old knows "milk shakes" are not warm with big chunks of bananas. . . and 4 year olds don't normally make them)

so i told Jennifer to. . . thinking she would pretend to drink it. . .

(so john paul would believe we were legit.
she was fucking IN on it. she fucking KNEW)

I don't remember getting in trouble for this one. . .
I mean, what the hell would you do if you got a call from an angry parent claiming your kid made their kid drink piss?

It was her own damn fault.

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