Thursday, July 08, 2004

i'm sitting by the pool trying to relax when from behind me i hear obnoxiously high-pitched voices. i take off my head-phones & prepare to leave when i hear:

#1- "do you have the new kelly clarkson cd?"
#2- "ooooo, not yet!"
#1- "i want it sooo bad! she is awesome.
#2- "i know, so awesome!"

if by awesome you mean no-talent ass-clown, then: i know, so awesome!
good god where did we go wrong?

i get home & my roommate suggests we have a "movie night"
"uuh. . ok"
i have no friends anyway. . . i'll be here
"just please, for the love of cheese, don't get anything with that girl from "ella enchanted" in it. . . n..not that i didn't love going to see it with you the other night, just. . . promise me"

i just got back from the store & she's q-ing up the movie with our neighbor.

me- "what did you end up getting?"
her-"how to deal"
me- ". . . oh?"
her-"it's a mandy moore movie"
me- ". . . oh"
her-"you don't like mandy moore?"
me- ". . . n. . no"

my life is turning into one big teenie bopper movie.

. . .

and now i'm bored.

i bet it hasn't gotten too far into the plot. . .

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