Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Kristen's facebook status reads: Drinking tea. Earl grey. Hot
Josh instant messages:
earl grey eh? that's the only tea i can drink.
besides iced tea...which isn't really tea at all but a delicious tonic of sugar and water
oh and sleepytime tea
you should buy mighty leaf vanilla bean
it's delicious.
it's also an elitist tea because you can't find it anywhere & have to order it on the i nterweb
ooohhh fancy:)
i must warn you that i still think maxwell house coffee tastes fine. katie tells me i have horrible tastebuds
i think i can just somehow taste the money im saving

I think Josh is hilarious and you should too.


emthegreat said...

i only drink eldorado coffee these days. It's less expensive then all the others. its the same coffee your italian grandmother drinks. it has it's own casino...

It's like the cheap scotch of coffee.

Anonymous said...

I do not tell him he has horrible taste. He has excellent taste. His girlfriend is delicious.