Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Kristenmas to me
This has resurfaced.
I love that people think they know everything & that they have the internet so they can share their "insight" with all of us.
Like blogger for example. ;)
I love that I don't really care if someone makes fun of a terrible picture of me.
As Meltingdolls says "if you're not publically berated, you're not awesome."
To clear things up a bit-
It was 3 in the afternoon on a slow, rainy day Thursday.
I was sober.
My manager on duty took the pictures.
She was also my roommate later on.
The 2 of us were the only ones the clock.
I took a shower before I went to work that day & we cleaned the sink before & after I took a bubble bath.
I e-mailed the photos to my sister who blogged them & then I got fired because somehow someone who used to work there, who I never met, recognized the kitchen that looks like every industrial kitchen on earth, and e-mailed them to our GM. . . Apparently there's a bean pot to the left.
Actually- I got fired the 2nd time I came to work because my GM needed me to work a game-day.
He originally said "hey that thing- that wasn't cool" and I thought I was off the hook.
Not so.
Oh well.
Now I'm famous.

Google image search "cheer up"

i'm page 1 or 2


the katiest said...

I love you so much!

the katiest said...

That was also the 1st day I met you.

emthegreat said...

I've been waiting for this moment for a long time...

Sigivald said...

Not cool? The coolest thing anyone has ever done.

Joe said...

Honestly, I don't care what they are saying on the net... that's about the hottest thing I've seen all day.


Andy 2000 said...

Hey Cool- You are famous. I found your pic doing research for a presentation on managing turnover in human resources. I don't know if I should put it in the presentation though- what do you thing?

Anyways- word up to you. All them people hating on you need to check the mirror- sounds like you are having a blast while they are sitting on their asses thinking they are hot shit. Well they aint!

Keepin it real.