Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I always end up bawling when I watch Animal Planet. . .

Why so much of that horrifying animal cops show and orphaned starving baby elephants and abused chimps?

Bring on more Puppy Bowl & Planets Funniest Animals

The baby just died. I officially can't handle Animal Planet.


The Katie-Factor said...

Puppy bowl's cuteness always makes my ovaries twitter. I could care less about Christian Children's Fund or whatever brown people America is trying to save this week, but for some reason I always tear up when they play that Humane Society commercial with the Sarah McClaclin (sp?) song and have to go save a dumpster cat. Pathetic.

mike said...

I'm with you, and the best thing about the Puppy Bowl is the kitty half time show.

emthegreat said...

nothing like a slew of pure breads - trying to figure out how to exit.

That McClaclin commercial makes me tear up as well - which is unusual, because normally- in other forms - that song launches laughing fits.

AP needs us to do their line-ups.

they also need to fire that tool from the 'planet's funniest animals'... He nearly ruins EVERY second of cats falling and attacking babies.