Thursday, January 03, 2008

ETG: You know who would be really fun to fight?
Me: who
ETG: Janice Dickinson.
ME: *laughter*
ETG: I'm going to start writing her taunting e-mails. . . With her strip-mall modeling agency. . .
Me: . . . with public school carpeting with track lighting. Just tell her she's not pretty anymore.
ETG: I'm going to fight Janice Dickinson this year.

Resolution #1



christa t said...

too easy. if you punched/kicked anything on her it would just pop and then ooze. but! that would be the funnest part.

raymi lauren said...

call me when the showdown commences im so in.

kt mo said...

Janice Dickinson vs. New York...IN A STEEL CAGE!