Sunday, August 22, 2004

this is a post from a blog i started a while ago:

my sister and i are internetting in the same room.
our conversation was as follows:

me: mm hmm
sister: mmm hmm
sister: you laughed
me: did you eat one of my peeps?
sister: no,
sister: kan i
me: no
me: because you improperly used the letter k
me: i WILL not tolerate that

sister keeps typing and erasing

me: say it

sister: toler8 it
me : cu l8r
sister: yr sew kool
me: kewl
sister: oh kay
sister: i <3 this

i begin to say something aloud and stop.

sister: do what now
me: do you read midnight mailman's blog every day?

sister beings to leave the room,
goes back to the computer, laughing

sister: brb

me: oh kay

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