Sunday, July 18, 2004

I went to warped tour yesterday.
I tried to get in with my "Battle of the Bands Band Access Pass" from 2000 when friends played in Nashville & brought me along. . . but the fucker at the gate was like examining it & said
"what is this? this is from 4 years ago. . . why are you trying to use this here?"
he was like, holding onto it tightly, but luckily I had it looped through my underwear strap, so he wasn't gonna get it
and i said "wouldn't you?" and snatched it out of his vise-like grip
then i turned & walked away. . .
to buy a ticket.
I saw some pretty great shit for 23 bucks though- Atmosphere, (who is my JAM), Thursday, a little NOFX, part of a song from Alkaline Trio, who used to be a high-school pop-punk favorite, (judge me not) and the highlight of the festival- Bad Religion.
Jesus Fuck those guys ROCK.
It was kind of sad though, people were all dancing and pushing and falling and crowd surfing and sweating. . . but i saw like, 3 people who were actually singing along. . . They played fucking American Jesus for Christ's sake. . . (yeah, i know, i'm hilarious) and they played Atomic Garden- both perfect for Salt Lake City, Utah. I think most of the people missed the point completely. Even sadder, i think more people were at Yellowcard than Bad Religion-
i know, yeah yeah. i saw Yellowcard. . . but they're damn good & they stayed at my friend's house when they came through atlanta in like. . . 99. . . so i wanted to say hi and shit but there were hundreds of people, acting a' fool, mostly girls with eye make-up smearing off of their skinny, sweaty faces. come to think of it, i actually have the guitarist & drummer's home phone number, and a signed cd from years ago. . . i probably should have brought those & sold them for rediculously high prices. . .
After the show i was gonna go home, but i figured i'd try to find a friend's house in the city that i'd been to once before- i ended up driving straight to it, no wrong turns- just ended up there- it was magic. we sat on the porch overlooking the city, listening to fucking stellar tunes, drinking beer, talking about real things, living, feeling. . . it was a beautiful night. It stormed thick rain with giant beautiful bolts of lightning & we yelled and cheered and whooped with vehemence at the thunder. The rain smells marvelous.

Gee, should i just go ahead and get a livejournal account? . . . sorry for the cheesy entry about "My Day"

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