Thursday, July 29, 2004

I once heard you're more likely to be sued than go to the hospital. . .

> Age 6

*Climbing on the top of the monkey bars, tried to wave bye to our babysitter friend- fell through onto a rock
Stitches - this time the hospital came to me
*Being pulled on a blanket- hit my head on a speaker going around a corner
*Doing flips on the bars at a K-Mart or something similar- hit my head
i think i may have just knocked myself out. . . but i'm pretty sure i had to have Stitches
*Playing "For She's a Jolly Good Fellow"- right arm pulled out of the socket,
Dad popped it back in. . . no hospital trip.
*Jumping from bed to trundle-bed - landed on the trudle bed bar, trundle bed collapsed on my foot when cousin jumped on it- Broken foot. didn't even cry.

Ages 6 - 18

* Playing with conveyor belt at grocery store - Hand got stuck -
Hardcore burn on my left hand, was given a band-aid - should have sued.
Didn't cry
* Running through theater in Underground Atlanta, tripped on a rug & hit my head on a fancy baseboard
Didn't cry
*Lighter Fight gone wrong-
Left ring finger Metacarpal broken
Didn't cry - waited a week to see a doctor

> 19
*Attempting to open a window - window shattered
Stitches in left pinky. Damaged nerve- should have sued hospital.
. . . cried

I'm sure i'm forgetting something.
Am i doomed?

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