Saturday, November 15, 2003

(06:21) me: becca is 21
(06:21) me: last night we went out drinking
(06:22) ally: ooo
(06:22) me: i didn't stop uintil around 5 when i was taking jager shots at the bar down the street
(06:22) me: tequila, beer, tequila, beer, jager, beer
(06:22) me: tequila
(06:22) me: not in ythjat order
(06:23) ally: fucking hard core
(06:23) me: you KNOW it!
(06:23) ally: that shit will destroy you
(06:23) me: and my innards
(06:24) ally: jesus
(06:24) me: on top of that i woke up at 11:30
(06:24) ally: i went to bed at five
(06:24) ally: woke up when mom called me at 11
(06:24) ally: fucking hell
(06:24) me: and then i ate with vaughn around 3 at an extremely bland mexican place
(06:25) ally: i miss the old v
(06:26) me: you should
(06:27) me: he rules
(06:27) me: ugh. i want to vomit . . or take a nice emptying shit
(06:29) me: that was gross.
(06:29) ally: that was amazing
(06:30) me: . . . it was honest
(06:30) ally: it was funny as hell
(06:30) me: you love that shit.

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